As we partner with your company, we view our role as a curator of market talent.   We aim to accurately tell your story and vision, and effectively align your needs and principles with qualified and screened candidates.  Our goal is to generate a small group of qualified and interested candidates, enabling you to make an educated and timely hiring decision.  With extensive networks in Colorado and Texas, our primary source of candidates is referrals and direct source recruiting.


Engineers -Drilling, Completions, Reservoir, Production, Operations, Facilities
Engineering support -Reservoir, Drilling, Productions/Ops Analysts and Techs
Landman -VP, Management, A&D, Surface, Mineral
Land support -Land Administration, Land Tech, Lease Analyst, Division Order Analyst, GIS
Geology -Exploration, Development, Operations, Geotech, Geophysicist, A&D
Investment Banking -Engineer, Geologist, Tech, Analyst